Consolidated General Election April 6, 2021

Getting Started:  Request a vote by mail ballot, check out early voting locations and day of election poll sites. Access online information and applications or call your local election office. All sites may not be up-to-date, so be sure to check back periodically.

Important Dates to Remember: each county varies slightly so be sure to check your locale

    • NOW – applications for mail-in ballots are available in all five counties; check your county for latest date to request mail-in ballot as they are all different
    • Late February to early March — 1st set of mail-in ballots are sent to voters (exactly when depends upon your county)
    • March 22-April 5 — in-person early voting 
    • April 6 — day of election in person voting or drop off mail-in ballot to polling location (last chance to vote)

Know who is running, for what position, and what they stand for: 

Attend a virtual forum:

Be sure you vote: 

  •  Voting by mail is safe and is easily tracked online to verify your ballot was received
  •  If you choose to vote in person (early or day of), be sure to be safe by wearing a mask and following all safety parameters 

Overwhelmed? Need help to sort it all out or uncomfortable with the internet? AAUW members are there to assist. Feel free to contact us: