Vision 1948

Vision 1948 banner, black and purple, with tagline: Bringing gender parity back to tech

Vision 1948 is an initiative founded by woman technologists who have a passion to leverage their knowledge and experience to change the face of tech. Vision 1948 joined AAUW Naperville Area in 2022 to increase those efforts.

Vision 1948’s Mission

To bring gender parity back to tech by encouraging and empowering girls and women to pursue computing/technology education and careers. We will achieve this by increasing education and awareness, influencing workplace policies and practices, and advocating for positive media portrayals of women in technology.

Bring Gender Parity Back to Tech?

In 1948, the Math department of Bell Laboratories, the most prolific inventor of fundamental technologies, was gender balanced with nearly 50% women. But today only 22% of the US technology workforce are women.

This is an alarming discrepancy, especially when machines, designed and trained by humans, are increasingly becoming decision makers in our society. Software impacts every aspect of our lives. Without equitable gender representation in the tech workforce, smart machines will become biased, resulting in serious negative consequences.

What You Can Do

Learn more about Vision 1948, request a tech education session for a K-12 classroom, or volunteer to get involved. Contact the Vision 1948 team: