Freedom From Violence and Fear of Violence

With most of the nation staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a steep increase in stress, anxiety, suicide risk, and domestic violence. Since the virus’ impact has become wide-spread, suicide prevention and domestic abuse hotlines are all seeing 10%-30% increase in calls compared to spring 2019.

Many people are being required to shelter-in-place with physical and mental abusers with little access to the outside world or their normal social networks. Physical distancing measures may be resulting in decreased access to social support networks and traditional mental health services, and not feeling safe at home are all factors contributing to these increases.


What can I do to help?

  • Reach out to friends, family, and colleagues with a quick email, phone call, or text message. Just hearing that someone cares can sometimes make all the difference.
  • Raise awareness regarding virtual and remote mental health services in your community by discussing with your contacts, friends, family and on social media.
  • Support local organizations that are providing mental health resources
  • Participate in community conversations regarding mental and physical well being (lectures, webinars, etc.)


Suicide Prevention Lifeline
– Phone: 800-273-8255
– Text: HOME to 741-741

360 Youth Services:
– Website Resources:
– Counseling/Intake Line: 630.717.9408, Ext 1180
– Community Resource Guide:

Family Shelter Services
– DV Hotline 24/7 Phone: 630.469.5650

Linden Oaks Behavioral Health
– Schedule a free behavioral health assessment call 630-305-5027 for
more information.
– Emergency walk-in assessments are available 24/7 at the Linden Oaks
Naperville Main Campus, located at 852 S. West Street in Naperville.