Are You Aware of the Rollback of Title IX Protections?

AAUW’s CEO Kim Churches issued the following statement in May of 2020 regarding the U.S. Department of Education final Title IX regulations for schools dealing with sexual misconduct:

“Although the nation is facing an unprecedented health emergency that requires singular focus, the Trump Administration issued a rule that will substantially weaken Title IX, rolling back important protections for student survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

The decision by the U.S. Department of Education to move forward with this change follows more than a year of vigorous opposition from survivor advocacy organizations, civil rights groups and educational institutions. The outrageous new rule will make it harder for students who’ve experienced sexual harassment or violence to come forward to get the protections Title IX was created to provide.

In the best of times, the rule is ill-advised: It threatens to turn back the clock, reversing policies that were put in place to make it easier for survivors to report sexual misconduct. The rules will stack the deck against survivors, making it too onerous, even traumatic, for many to come forward. In short, the rule is antithetical to the fundamental promise of Title IX, that all students deserve access to an education free from sex discrimination.”

Actions you can take:

  • Learn more about how these Title IX changes affect schools and colleges/universities and their students. By registering for the webinar hosted by the Jane Addams Branch.
    • “A Discussion of Title IX” on January 21st,  Webinar recording link
  • Contact your incoming Congressional representatives and US Senators to express AAUW’s position against the 2020 changes in Title IX protections for student survivors of sexual assault.
  • Educate and inform others about these rule changes, and urge them to become two-minute activists with AAUW.