Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community Webinar Recording

November is Transgender Awareness Month, a time to honor, celebrate, and advocate for our transgender and gender-diverse community. Would you like to learn how you can be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community? Know how to respectfully use pronouns and acronyms, and get up-to-date on issues?

AAUW Naperville Area hosted an educational webinar, Appreciating, Affirming & Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community on Tues., November 9, 2021. Our speaker, Emma Vosicky, Executive Director of GenderNexus, presented an informative and thought-provoking update on changing language, and discrimination — unwitting and intended. View the presentation slides.


About the Speaker

Emma Vosicky

Emma Vosicky (she/her) is a business litigation attorney and the Executive Director of GenderNexus, an Indiana agency which empowers gender-diverse people and their loved-ones to lead healthy, authentic and joyful lives.

Having grown up as a trans woman without the language or resources to support her own gender journey, she has been keenly aware of the need for trans and non-binary individuals to feel connected and supported. This inspired her to engage in community outreach, education, and fundraising with an LGBTQ+ youth drop-in initiative, Youth Outlook. She provided assistance with name and gender marker changes through the Transformative Justice Law Project. She also served on the Community Advisory Group with Equality Illinois as project manager for the State Boards and Commissions project. In her spare time, Emma is a published writer, storyteller and public speaker.

AAUW advocates for equality, individual rights, and social justice for a diverse society. This includes supporting the civil rights of all individuals and opposing all forms of discrimination, including discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.