Paid Leave in the Illinois Legislature – Moving Forward in 2023

Paid Leave is paid time off from work to recover from illness, care for loved ones, welcome a new child into the home and so much more. 59% of Illinois workers have to choose between working or taking UNPAID time off in order to care for those basic needs. Taking one year of unpaid leave leads to a 39% decrease in annual earnings, which increases over time. When workers take unpaid leave, the whole family, and Illinois’ economy suffers. Additionally, the bias that female workers may take leave at greater rates than male workers contributes to gender wage disparity.

It is now 2023, and it is time to do better–by making sure that there are public policies to help people care for themselves and their families without risk of losing their jobs or creating economic insecurity. We are pleased that a paid leave policy was passed by the Illinois General Assembly during the lame duck session. It’s a good start that will make a real difference for many women and their families. But there is more work to do. 

Contact your elected officials and encourage them to vote for a comprehensive plan that includes low-wage workers, gig workers, full and part-time workers, workers who work for more than one employer, and the self-employed. Encourage them to vote for a plan which provides enough weeks of paid leave so that there is adequate paid time to recover from illness, or care for sick family members or newborn children. 

The time to take action is now – no one should have to choose between caring for their loved ones or themselves and a paycheck! Be on the lookout for more news and action alerts this legislative cycle as we work to make more progress on this life changing issue. 

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