April 24: Beyond Borders Forum on New Immigrants

Weds, April 24, 6:30 pm Naperville Municipal Ctr.
Beyond Borders: A Forum on New Arrivals and Asylum Seekers

ALMAS (Alliance for Latinos Motivating Action in the Suburbs) and Indivisible Naperville have come together to host “Beyond Borders”, a community conversation aimed at fostering education, raising awareness, and facilitating open dialogue on these critical issues. The event provides a platform for a discussion among leaders and experts to address the complex challenges faced by new arrivals and asylum seekers. The panel is designed to enhance understanding and support within suburban settings and promote actionable solutions for attendees. In an era of significant global movement, understanding the experiences and challenges faced by new arrivals and asylum seekers is crucial for fostering inclusive communities. AAUW Naperville Area is a sponsor for this event.

This event is free, but does require registration, which you can do here. It will take place on April 24 at 6:30PM at the Naperville Municipal Center.
This is a private meeting and no unauthorized recording is allowed.

This event is nonpartisan, refraining from taking positions on political candidates and respecting diverse opinions.